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The Parent's Guide to Ankle Injuries [E-BOOK]



As a parent with a child that plays team sports, you've probably got what seems like a hundred things to remember and take care of every day. From practice times to washing socks to learning the rules of the game and everything in between it can be a taunting task.

All preparation and hardwork aside, most parents aren't sure what to do when their child athlete gets their first ankle injury and what the appropriate treatment steps are to take to ensure they don't hurt themselves worse or the injury becomes a recurring one. For this reason, our certified athletic trainers compiled a quick guide for parents to learn all about ankle injuries and how to prevent them from happening in the future. 

In the United States, an estimated 25,000 ankle sprains occur every day and are the most common sports related injury in the country – which means the odds of your child getting an ankle injury playing sports is fairly high.

Download our free guide now to either read or save for when you need it and get the answers to the most common ankle injury questions such as:

  • What is the difference between a high and low ankle sprain?
  • When is medical attention for an ankle sprain necessary?
  • What are some exercises to help heal a sprained ankle?
  • Which ankle brace is the best for my child?

Click here to download the free e-book now >

If you read through the guide and still find that you have questions, our athletic trainers are always available to talk about your specific situation –just send us a message!


Ankle Bracing
Kristi Thacker

Written by Kristi Thacker


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