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Thermoplastic Resin Creates Custom-Fit Brace

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 15, 2016 8:30:00 AM / by Rick Peters

Rick Peters

Have you noticed that most all ankle braces are made with either fabric in the case of lace-ups, or rigid plastics in the case of stirrup or hinged designs?  When designing a modern preventative ankle brace to replace the century old lace-up corset design we were faced with some overwhelming design challenges.  We did not want to use a fabric material because fabric stretches and loosens the longer you wear it.  Plus it collects bacteria and can develop an unpleasant odor, even after laundering.  However, making a low-profile, tight-fitting preventative ankle brace using a rigid plastic would be significantly uncomfortable.  Our design goal was to develop a bridge material between fabric and rigid plastics.  We developed an advanced thermoplastic resin material calledPerformathane® custom-fit soft shell technology which will change everything you think about ankle bracing. 

The unique properties of a thermoplastic resin is that it will flex and form to the ankle with body heat generated during a practice or game.  This unique forming property drove us to develop the first preventative ankle brace that will custom-fit to the ankle, the Ultra Zoom®.  Just after a brief break-in period of a practice or two, the Performathane soft shell form-fits to the ankle.  The benefit of a custom-fit ankle brace are significant.  It’s incredibly comfortable, lower profile, tighter fitting and more supportive because it takes the shape of the ankle. 

Now you have a choice when it comes to recommending a preventative ankle brace to your athletes.  Corset Lace-ups restrict range of motion, loose support rapidly, collect bacteria and stink, are a pain to fit and they wear out quickly.  Contrast this century old lace-up design to the advanced Ultra Zoom®, a custom-fit low profile performance ankle brace that allows full range of motion for long lasting ankle support.  The Ultra Zoom® is easy to apply, fits in any athletic shoe and offers multi-season durability which makes it a great value over lace-ups.  The Ultra Zoom® is Preventative ANKLE BRACING.  EVOLVED. 

Rick Peters

Written by Rick Peters

Rick Peters is a Certified Athletic Trainer who has been advancing ankle bracing technology for three decades. Peters patented his first ankle brace in 1985, revolutionizing the industry by adding a hinge to traditional stirrup braces for greater mobility. In 1989 he was a founder and became President of Active Ankle Systems. In 1998 he co-founded Ultra Athlete LLC to develop the next generation of ankle bracing technology. Peters has 18 ankle brace patents and is considered an authority on ankle bracing technology worldwide.